As a small business owner, you have managed your money successfully . . .up until this point or so you thought.  But, as your business and revenue continue to grow, managing your financials has become a task you don’t have the time or knowledge to complete.

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You aren't familiar with accounting.

Financial statements can be confusing. And having them, in hand, without understanding how to use them to grow your business is useless. You need an accountant who can talk to you in plain English without financial jargon and teach you how to manage your finances.

Bookkeeping takes you away from more important tasks.

Managing your books is preventing you from accomplishing tasks that could directly grow your business or manage your business effectively! You want to focus on winning more business, innovating and building your team.

You don’t know anything about taxes.

If you fail to pay the right taxes for your business type and industry, ten times out of ten, your business will be hit with penalties and fines. An accountant will advise you early on so you can comply with all tax regulations. In addition, when its’ time to file your business tax return, an accountant will ensure you don’t come up short when Uncle Sam comes knocking.

Revenue is increasing but profit isn’t.

If you’re selling more than ever, but aren’t seeing a higher profit, you need to take a look at overhead costs and make adjustments to increase profit margins. An accountant will point out areas you can cut costs, ensure your products and services are priced to profit and help you discover new profit generating opportunities.

Hi! I’m Astreya! I help business women, like you, develop profitable money systems in your business so you can make confident money decisions and break your profit ceilings.

In the business world, you pay for what you don’t know. It's time to stop wasting your time and money and hire a trusted advisor to help you navigate the financial side of your business. 

It's time to profit. Posh Profits.

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Here's what I know: 

• Your online sales reports are not enough to know if your business is making money.

• Sales from multiple channels need to be combined into one single accounting platform. 

• Selling from multiple locations can result in a need to file sales tax in various states.

• Inventory management becomes more complex as the e-commerce business grows.


You see challenges. I see opportunities for growth. 


PSA: Your life and business are 100% your responsibility. 


Keeping Up With. . .Your Finances? @PoshProfits